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 Sky is the limit when it comes to your innovations at the intersection of medicine and engineering


Additive Manufacturing
Medical, biomedical and dental solutions through Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing technologies.

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Software Technologies
Software Technologies and Systems Solutions for Patient-Specific Implant Design and Production.

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Scanners and Cameras
3dMD Cranial, facial and Torso 3D camera solutions for diagnosis and treatment

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Micro CT
In vivo and In vitro Bone Structure, Porosity Analysis for Biomedical, Material, as well as...

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Materialise World Conference
36. International IDS Fair
İDEX 2014
Technology Revolution on GATA


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About Us

4C Medikal is a spin-off of 4C Engineering who has gained extensive expertise at Additive Manufacturing since 1997. 4C Medikal has been founded by Kutsal Tuaç for filling the gaps in the fields of Medical, Dental and Biomedical with customized-advanced engineering applications.

At the 9th year of its establishment, 4C Medikal has accumulated over 2000 customers and has more than 5000 cases in Dental, Medical and Biomedical.